We Believe that You Deserve Dental Care You Can Trust – Whenever You Need It!
We are Albuquerque’s only true 24/7 emergency dental service. We’ve served the residents of Albuquerque for nearly 30 years with around-the-clock dental care. Call us at anytime at 505-260-7333 for your dental emergencies.
Yes, life happens and we know how busy you are. Whether it’s a sudden problem during the weekend or during the night before an important occasion, when you need help with your teeth, pick up the phone and call us. We’re here for you.
Don’t suffer through a long night or weekend of pain. Our office is open for you when you need it. There’s no sense in waiting. Your mouth is telling you that you need help. Give us a call now.
Feel secure in knowing that the premier dental office in Albuquerque is open for you day and night. If you need help from an expert dentist, don’t hesitate to call us at any time.
Yes, it really is about accommodating your needs. We can get your dental problems taken care of as soon as they arise. After-hours or on weekends, we’ll take care of your emergency dental needs.
We all live active 24 hour lives. When something happens and you get hurt or are in pain, know that we’re here for you. Call now for the best after-hours care available in the Albuquerque area.

Albuquerque Residents – Learn What To Do About Your Dental Emergency

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Albuquerque Emergency Dentist – Call (505) 260-7333 Anytime Day or Night

We are proud to be Albuquerque’s only true 24 hour Emergency Dentists. With nearly 30 years of serving Albuquerque residents, we are driven to provide a valuable and unique service.

With 2 convenient offices, we are ready to serve you after-hours or on weekends. Call to speak to us right now about your dental emergency.